I am about four months into my new job, and I am loving it.  It isn’t perfect, and that’s OK.  It is fun, and they are accepting of someone learning (even though they’d like me to know everything).

One of the things I like about it is the casual dress code.  Jeans are the order of the day, and in the summer, some people wear shorts.  T-shirts are acceptable, though I tend to wear polo shirts or short-sleeve button-up shirts.

Then there’s footwear.

I have seen (and heard) flip-flops.  There’s something strange about hearing that thwack-thwack-thwack as you’re trying to concentrate and solve a technical problem.  I don’t wear flip-flops.

Sometimes I slip on my loafers, purchased at Goodwill and permanently tied.

But what I like wearing best are my sneakers I bought on Thursday evening, August 23 – after my fourth day at work.  My previous sneakers were years old – six?  Eight?  They were stiff, not nice to wear.  These sneakers were my new-job gift to myself.

Acidic Green

They are called black/green, but I have seen them other places called “Acidic Green”.  I’m enough of a kid that I like that name better.

The shoes are very light, coming in at 7 ounces (that’s for the pair, not per shoe).  My feet almost fly.

The Sound of Summer Running.  Ray Bradbury, by way of Reebok.