Today’s tool isn’t for everybody.  More specifically, it is for people who do computer support.  TeamViewer is a program that lets you see (and optionally control) somebody else’s screen.

TeamViewer will cost you $750 bucks if you’re a business.  If you are doing work for friends and family, without getting paid, it’s free.

And this is a professional piece of software.  You can allow access to your own computer, or (as in my case) ask someone to allow you onto their computer.

The software is small, quick to download.  Once you have it started up, click on Connection to get somebody on-board.  From there you can Invite a Partner, which sends them an email asking them to download the software.  The customer gives you an ID and password, which connects through TeamViewer to their computer.  No IP addresses, no strange connections.  And once you’re connected, moving around the desktop is clean and easy.

I had been on version 6



but was encouraged to upgrade to version 8



I like how the icon has changed sides – I’m sure it makes all the difference in functionality!

For people of a more technical background, this uses port 80, so doesn’t fight with firewalls or any port forwarding (like may be necessary with VNC).  And they have built their business model around this product, so they won’t suddenly drop it (not that I’m bothered about Microsoft’s SharedView going away – I’m simply over that one).

Simple, easy, and the price is right (although I have to keep the price right for my customers, too).