The summer of 2012 was a good one for hummingbirds here at Awed Manor.  I happened to get a picture of one against Bettie’s sunflowers

2012-09-15 IMG_5568


I think he’s watching for dive-bombers, rather than gargling – but one never knows.

This poor guy wasn’t watching where he was going, and thought he could fly straight through our picture window.

2012-09-15 IMG_5578


Occasionally we have a back window open, and the birds try to fly through the glass.  This winter, I have seen several birds bounce off the window and keep going – but hummers get going faster quicker, and energy increases as the square of the speed.  This guy didn’t knock himself out, but he was definitely stunned.

2012-09-15 IMG_5580


He did eventually gather himself together.

2012-09-15 IMG_5597


He flew away about a half-hour after hitting the window.

Bravo, little bird.  Bravo.