I have recently come across two groups of situations, where the overt message is at odds with the underlying message.

The first is a couple of things related to church signs.  One was a message from God (not this shot from joostmarcellis , m-space, but the same words)

God says

The second was a local church displaying

Sign is broken – message inside

I don’t like the first one, because “coming down here” is exactly what we should want God to do – “God with us”.  Unless God came down here, Jesus wouldn’t have been born, crucified, and resurrected.  Unless God came down here, we wouldn’t have the Holy Spirit to comfort, guide, and encourage us.  I don’t want a distant God, somewhere “up there”, making threats and being a bully. I want a God who loves me, who created me and cares for me and lives inside me – and that’s Who I have!

The second one I don’t like because it’s lying.  Yes, I can see that it’s clever, and some would pass it off as a joke.  But that doesn’t change anything – the church is lying.  The sign is not broken.

Which brings me to the second group of messages at odds with themselves – from our government.

I have seen three Public Service Announcements on TV recently.  Again, on the surface, these seem to be encouraging good activities – going to college, exercising.  But there is – again – a mixed message.

The first one shows a guy who apparently is a tag artist.  I mean, a graffiti guy.  I mean, a vandal.  But he’s really good, and paints big vandalism grafitti, so he’ll get into college.  Or something like that.


The second one is about a girl who learns to do some skateboard trick, during which she crashes several times.  She isn’t wearing gloves, elbow pads, or knee pads.  And this will get her into college.  Skateboarding college, I guess, or medical college (as a patient).


And the last one is about a mom who lies to her kid.  This is presented as a good thing, since the kid is getting exercise.  I thought the mom only asked a question about the location of the purse, but after Bettie and I watched it again, the mom is lying.


See for yourself.

So we have churches who misrepresent God or lie to us, and a government who encourages bad/illegal behavior, and encourages parents to lie to their children.

Is it any wonder we seem to have lost hope?  All is not lost – hope can be renewed.