I like this little poem, and blogged about it a couple years ago.  Now I found the pictures to go with it. So I present here the illustrated Fog.


2011-09-22 IMG_8064

It wuz foggey.  It wuz foggey

evreywhare.  It wuz, in fact,

foggey over the hoal wurld.

2011-09-22 IMG_8067

The fog icstendid unyuzialey hie.

It startid at the ground an went up.

Planes cood not get tu the top uv it.

It went aull the way up tu the moon.

Moon peepul sed, “It’s foggey.”

2011-09-22 IMG_8070

The fog ixtendid out intu space.

The sun hisst az it swept thrue the fog.

Stars cood not fynd thair orbits

and began wonndering aimlisley, laust.

2011-09-22 IMG_8088

By Rafeal Chambers, from Powums for the Immachure, Colectid by Cheops Dorn.  It is reprinted without permission.

(This is a booklet that I bought in Yellow Springs, Ohio, about twenty years ago, focused on phonetic spelling.)

Pictures from Sep 22, 2011, and unchanged except for cropping and resizing.