Saturday was a gloriously warm day for January in Cincinnati – we reached 53 degrees, and not even the pain of gas going up forty cents a gallon the day before could limit me.  I was going for a walk!

We live on a hill.  From the house, the driveway goes down.  Turning to the right, the road goes down.  Going that same direction until the next crossroad nets a drop of almost 250 feet.  Unfortunately, it comes in a clump, instead of being stretched out.  Our road makes a T into the next road, but you can jog about a hundred feet and catch a T coming in from the other side, so it’s more of an S shape, and that road has a hill going up (why, yes, there is a stream at the bottom there!).  That rise is in the 200-foot range, and again all in one place.

I walked down the hill and up the next hill, and back again.  Total distance was around 3.5 to 4 miles.  Total elevation was 900 feet.  My cool pedometer showed I spent about 9000 steps on that hike, and almost 14,000 for the day.

And it wore me out.  I was hurting – this was my first serious exercise since I got the pacemaker.

But I still felt better than the snake who was out sunning himself on the road.  I got a picture, but . . .