I am thankful to Jesus:

  1. For making salvation easy to understand
  2. For making salvation deep enough to last a lifetime of inspection without growing stale
  3. For saving and keeping me
  4. For gentle nudges
  5. For non-gentle slams when I need them
  6. For turning the other cheek
  7. For a culture that creates Christian music
  8. For every breath I take
  9. For M&Ms
  10. For humility
  11. For change
  12. For constancy
  13. For numbers
  14. For mercy
  15. For creating me at this time, in this country, to these parents
  16. For everything

This is probably the end of my list of reasons.  I went long today to reach a hundred – one percent of the ten thousand in the song.  It has been good to think about what I am thankful for, the big things and the little things.  And it is always good to remember Jesus, and to remember Who provided that “everything”.