We live out in the country.  And a little farther than that, even.  The county we live in has a population density of 436 people per square mile, and the township we live in drops down to 195.  We’re less populated out here.

We can see lights from our neighbor’s properties, and rarely hear music or noise from those directions.  We’re much more likely to see deer or hawks than visitors on the property (and that’s counting package delivery folks).

We have a creek that runs right next to the road.  In the summer there are minnows and frogs there, and water skeeters galore.  It gurgles nicely.

In the wintertime, it looks different.  I don’t know where the animals go, or if the ones from last year have left eggs and then died off.  The water is still running, though.

That’s looking upstream, towards the road that is near the driveway.

And as much as I enjoy the creek, I’m glad I don’t have to do any work in it now.