I doubt I could make a living at it.  I would probably get frustrated, and my productivity would wane rather quickly.

But for a while I’d rack up some pretty high scores in “find-an-error” – sort of the whack-a-mole for words and communication.

Like the one I found in this story:



Ouch.  That government practice, owned by CEB, is six words distant!  Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place, and easier to understand, if that had been originally written (or corrected by an editor) to say

Kris van Riper, who heads the government practice at consulting firm CEB (formerly known as Corporate Executive Board), said she is seeing increasing interest in agile development at agencies in this turbulent environment.

Who she is, what she does, what she said.  Simples.  I don’t know how to diagram a sentence, but I see six segments in the original, with only three or four in mine.  And I like mine better.  Hanging “In this turbulent environment” on the front seems dramatic and breathy.  We are all living, working, and reading bad journalism in this turbulent environment.  Everybody knows it’s rough, everybody is getting squeezed on several fronts.  Tossing that in makes it seem like a silent cliffhanger from the twenties, where every episode ended with the heroine at grave risk, only to be saved by the hero at the start of the next installment.