I wish people would get out of the “it sounds good” school of journalism, and get into the “what is it called?” school.

My latest rant is about this:

real eye beams

instead of this:

eye beam

Brendan Keefe should have known better.  His editor definitely should have known better.  And yet, in the middle of a story about bridges collapsing, we have shooting flames instead of solid metal.

bad eye beam

Brendan, Brendan, Brendan.  What shall we do with you and your editor?

(original story here.  Metal picture from TOMTEC, cropped and brightened.  Cool sparks from Brendan Burton.  Yes, I know they are eye beams instead of eye bars.  It’s called creative license.  Critics can do that.  Journalists have to use footnotes to explain, or use the right term in the first place.)