“It’ s not really automatic – you still have to press the button.”

In a similar vein, I can say that this music isn’t really free – you still have to provide your email address.

Page CXVI (I think one-sixteen, but I have heard them say see ecks vee eye) is giving away their whole music catalog to celebrate their Year of Jubilee.  Pop over to here and grab it during the month of March.

These are the folks who make Hymns, a reworking of old classics into something modern.  They do it well.  I have blogged about them before, f o u r different times.  I’m quite happy to accept and promote their music, and I would pay to go see a show of theirs.

The only other caveat I need to include is that to give their server some breathing space, they limit you to a single album download every five minutes.  That’s not a terrible burden – grab one while you’re in the midst of something else, come back when you’re finished.

Recommended, and you can’t beat the price.