At my church, I am in charge of the sound ministry.  I run sound during the services, record the sound, split out the songs, and then burn CDs to hand out to people.  I’m in charge of supplies as well – buying new microphones, buying blank CDs.  I try to be frugal with the money involved.  For sound equipment, that means I deal with Sweetwater Sound (specifically, Tharon Jones).

For consumables like blank CDs, though, I try to find the cheapest quality ones I can get.  Sometimes that is at Micro Center. and sometimes it comes down to browsing the web for a half-hour, finding and comparing qualities, prices, and quantities.  This last time, I found the best price at MeritLine.

double your money

And then I started wondering if I should save money by buying in bulk – a couple hundred instead of one hundred.  They say right on the ad that I can “Buy More Save More”.  But then again, if I read the fine print, I can spend an extra nickel per CD by “saving more”.

double your money2

It’s tempting, but I think I’ll pass.  Try me again next time, though, okay?