I find myself being the limiting factor on my blog.  I have things that I want to say, and I write blog entries in my head, but don’t push the keys to generate electrons to make it show up here.

So this is a catch-up entry of tag lines I use at work.  My prior post includes links to even older collections.  These are monthly entries.  I still have another year’s worth out in the future, so there should be at least one more of these.  Without further ado . . .

Jul 12: Don’t leave the duck there.  It’s totally irresponsible. (from)
Aug 12: Today is the first day of the rest of your week
Sep 12: Public transportation takes you from where you don’t live to where you don’t work
Oct 12: When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt
Nov 12: Warning: do not look into laser with your remaining eye
Dec 12: If the sky is falling, show us the pieces
Jan 13: Everything’s working, try again in half an hour
Feb 13: Perfection is a goal, not a destination
Mar 13: An apple a day makes 365 apples a year
Apr 13: Facts are stubborn things (from Jerry Pournelle, originally from)
May 13: Tweaking the spurving bearings on my retro-encabulator (from)
Jun 13: Today is a nice place to visit but you can’t stay here for long
Jul 13: Tagline error 176: duplicate joke
Aug 13: The map is not the territory (from Jerry Pournelle, originally from)