My “never-met-her-before-and-probably-never-will” friend Sophie used my email address to get a copy of her recent chat with Staples.  Sophie isn’t very talkative – but Staples isn’t too responsive.  This is verbatim, with just the session ID changed and bolding added for Sophie’s name.  My guess is that Sophie entered her request during the 8-minute hold, and was gone before “Amanda” showed up.

This is an automated email sent from the Staples Live Chat department. The following information is a log of your session. Please save the log for your records.
Your session ID for this chat is 0000000.
Time Details
08/26/2013 07:00:36PM System: “Welcome to Live Chat. We will be with you shortly.”
08/26/2013 07:00:40PM System: “We ask for your assistance: please do NOT send credit card information through chat. Should credit information be required for a transaction, a Staples associate will contact you for the required information”
08/26/2013 07:00:46PM System: “You will receive a transcript of this chat via email at the conclusion of this session.”
08/26/2013 07:01:06PM System: “Sorry for the delay, your business is important to us. Please continue to hold.”
08/26/2013 07:01:36PM System: “Thank you for your patience. Please continue to hold, we will be with you shortly.”
08/26/2013 07:02:06PM System: “Please continue to hold, the next available agent will be with your shortly.”
08/26/2013 07:02:56PM System: “We appreciate your patience, please continue to hold.”
08/26/2013 07:04:36PM System: “We are sorry; please continue to hold for the next available agent.”
08/26/2013 07:05:36PM System: “Thank you for your patience we will be with you shortly.”
08/26/2013 07:08:40PM Session Started with Agent (Amanda A)
08/26/2013 07:08:40PM Sophie: “How do i find out if you have a product in a store near me?  “
08/26/2013 07:08:54PM Agent (Amanda A): “Hello, Sophie! Thank you for contacting Staples. I hope today finds you well!”
08/26/2013 07:09:11PM Agent (Amanda A): “I see you have questions about items in store, and I will be happy to assist today!”
08/26/2013 07:09:25PM Agent (Amanda A): “Is there a particular item I can check for you today?”
08/26/2013 07:11:26PM Agent (Amanda A): “Thank you for contacting Staples Live Customer Support. I have not received a response from you. If you need further assistance, I would be happy to help you. Please reply within the next 30 seconds to allow the session to continue. Have a wonderful day!”
08/26/2013 07:11:28PM Check Customer Status
08/26/2013 07:12:03PM Session Ended
08/26/2013 07:12:03PM Session Ended after Check Customer Status