In my last post, I talked about how I wasn’t spending enough time with God.  That wasn’t hype – I have been negligent.

For me, there are two parts to the gap: prayer and reading the Bible.  Prayer is hard – what do I pray for, who do I pray for, how long do I pray, all those sorts of questions.  (Hint to self: the ACTS model of prayer works pretty well as a starter, and following the template of the Lord’s Prayer isn’t bad.)

For me, reading the Bible is easier.  There are some basic guidelines (Bible in a year, one chapter of Proverbs every day, read randomly).  I wanted something with more structure, and more of a challenge.  I have been blessed with much, and I want to give more back to God (as a gift, not a duty, although there is some responsibility).

My Bible on my phone is Laridian’s PocketBible.  I had emailed something to them about an error on their site (yes, I arrange items on the shelf at the grocery store), and I got back a nice note from Michelle.  I saw that she uses Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System.  Ooooh – something new and shiny!  Why hadn’t I heard of this before – this “Professor Grant Horner” guy sounded like a good candidate for being alive back during the Civil War.  But no – he’s alive and teaching at Master’s College near LA.

The idea is to read a chapter a day from each of ten tracks through the Bible.  Since the tracks are of different length, they repeat at different periods.  So you get to read different parts of the Bible in a constantly-changing mix (without being too random).  There are sites that give you the lists (4-page PDF) of what to read when, daily plans, bookmarks, devotionals, and dissenters.

I’m going to stick with this for at least six months – I’m already through day 4.  I wondered about repeating myself – part of the idea is to make all things fresh and new.  I see that Prof. Horner has been doing this for over 30 years.  Surely he’s repeated a set by now?

Nope.  Not in my lifetime, or my generation’s lifetime.  Watch for the next post for details, and a cool plan to feed the techie side of me as well as the spiritual side.