I find animal mimicry fascinating.  One animal looks like a different one, in order to avoid being eaten.  Some insects look like leaves, or twigs, or yucky-tasting things.  They get left alone, enabling them to continue to live another day.

I have recently found a previously unreported example of animal mimicry.  I have seen a ladybug – one of your normal household, get-inside-when-it’s-cold ladybugs – imitating a possum.  I know, the visual differences between the two are huge.  And yet the ladybug was doing its best, from a behavior aspect.  It was flipped over on its back, just like a possum playing dead.

It has been that way for a week and a half now.

I think I’ll give it another week and then tell him (or her) that it has won – everybody is convinced that the ladybug is a possum.  It will be quite happy, and have a good story to tell all the little ladybug grandkids.