The first time I was published, I had submitted a clipped funny to PC Magazine (back in the 90s).  Someone was selling a computer monitor – except that instead of the RGB that it was intended to be, it came out as a KGB monitor.  I got $25 and a T-shirt for that one.

This week, I got the acclamation of my peers.

I read The Register, a British IT site.  I don’t read every article, and some I avoid.  There was an article about which devices are most easily broken, and my phone made the list (and did best in the embedded video).

Then there are the comments for the article.  In general, comments on articles at The Reg vary from informative to amusing to trolling.  There are some regulars, and some regular trolls.  There is a lot of understated humor, which I like.  And that’s where I came in.



So I think I’m occasionally a funny guy.  This time, four anonymous people thought so, too.  That’s good enough for me.  Thanks, anonymous folks.