I couldn’t make a living as a proofreader or an editor.  I like computer work, so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

But when I find things like this, I can’t help but reporting them.

WCPO did a story on electric rates going up.  They described the increase this way:

thirty percent


While it is true to say that going from six cents to almost ten cents is “more than a 30 percent” increase, it would be more accurate (as well as more sensational) to describe it as “more than a 60 percent” increase.

6 x 1.3 is 7.8.

6 x 1.6 is 9.6 – far closer to the 9.9 price.

Accuracy, if you want it, is a 65% bump.  Harder to say and conceptualize in a sound bite.

Still, John Matarese could have gone for “over 50%” and been more accurate.