My brother posted a nice entry on talking to an electronic friend by voice.  It’s strange that we think that a phone call is more personal than email, as if it was the “good old days”.  Still, I understand and agree.  It is definitely higher bandwidth than text or email.

At the bottom of his post, Mark has a link to Sugarloaf’s “Don’t call us”.  Fun song, and haven’t heard it in a while.  I listened to the whole thing.

Youtube has links to other videos on every page, and one of the ones that popped up for me was the Dave Clark Five.  Which reminded me of this episode, that I can’t find documented anywhere else.

The local big AM station is WLW.  Many years ago, they were running a contest – well, not so much a contest as a give-away with a terribly easy question at the beginning.  I heard this as I was driving.

DJ: How many people were in the Dave Clark Five?

Caller (who happened to be female): Detroit.

They were flabbergasted, understandably.  They asked her to calm down and listen to the question.  She got it in just two tries.

There are some days when I feel astonishingly, extremely normal.