Way back in the day, my favorite car was the Honda City.  Not the new-fangled thing they call by the same name, but the original urban car.

Honda City

I remember it being much cooler looking, but it was definitely a small car.  I may have been influenced by my friend Steve’s little Honda

honda600 b

That’s not Steve (he’s taller).  The picture does show the size of the car.  Steve also had a Volkswagen Thing (in orange, like this one)

Volkswagen Thing

that had detachable doors.  But I digress.

So I bought my CRX in 1984.


He lasted ten years.  My Integra came in 1994, and lasted a quarter million miles.

Integra in snow

But twenty years later, he’s worn out.

So after lots of research, soul-searching, and prayer, I bought a new Subaru Impreza.

Out with the old

All-wheel drive to help with the driveway in the wintertime.  Heated seats, mirrors, and wipers, since that’s what came with the almost-mandatory cruise control.  No moonroof, no backup camera (though I still have hopes).  The car was up in Dayton, and we bought it with 61.1 miles on it down here.  It’s fresh.

The buying experience was great, with Kyle Schuchter  of King’s Subaru handling us superbly, guiding us through all the pitfalls that await novice-ish car buyers.  He did some mild up-selling and we walked away happy.


We picked up the car on Saturday, May 31.  My big question is about the length of ownership for this car, compared to my two prior ones.  Do I go from 10 (CRX) to 20 (Integra) to 30 for this one?  Or is it a doubling, where I have to keep it for 40 years?

I’m happy however it goes.  I’m still learning the car.  I have free oil changes for as long as I own the car, and it’s right around the corner from where I work.  It drives well, with an automatic (have I mentioned not being super-happy with traffic jams on my commute?), and paddle shifters, and CD/bluetooth/USB for sound.  A big step up from the cassette player in the Integra.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, those are knock-off crocs that I’m wearing.