Chipotle has been going through a rough time recently.  Multiple outbreaks of serious diseases traced to their doorstep.  Not good (although I have experienced shorter lines because of it – but that still isn’t a good business strategy).

Seems like the local media is piling on, and I suspect incompetence rather than malice.

WCPO has a Chipotle story that includes an interactive map, to let you see how your local Chipotle has done in food inspections.  I applaud this – journalism for the people, beneficial, encourages improvement in the failing restaurants.

Here’s a shot of the map this afternoon:


Hmmmm – up near where I work, there’s a lot of red – the one closest to me is green. So I should eat Chipotle from the one closest to home, right?

Nope.  Look at the legend – green is a critical violation, red is a non-critical violation.  Why would something as obvious as the color indicate the severity?  Just because traffic lights and stop signs have red meaning stop/danger/no!, why should other people follow the same silly convention?  Just because green means yes, go ahead, growth – why shouldn’t they throw off the shackles of conformity and – well, you get the picture.

Gently, Steve.  Maybe the colors were chosen automatically by Google and are unchangeable.  Well, maybe, yes.  And if that’s true, then maybe they could have sorted their data so the red indicates badness.

I really do suspect ineptitude, not thinking about the consequences and implications, rather than a malicious attempt to steer people towards a less-safe restaurant.  That’s a guess, not a fact, and is based off Hanlon’s Razor.

Still, guys, you had one job to do . . .