He does his crossword puzzles in ink.

When my Dad was on his way through Cincinnati earlier this year, he left me a stack of newspapers.  We share the love (obsession?) for news, and newspapers.

As I was going through the stack in chronological order, after the Weatherford Democrat but before the Chattanooga Times Free Press, I ran across a crossword puzzle from the Tuscaloosa News.  April 22, 2016.  It was completed, all filled out.

In ink.


It takes a special man to do a crossword puzzle in ink.  You can see that it was not done perfectly.  I believe that is intentional, so I could be impressed without having to be super-mega-amazed.  There is only so much awesomeness that I can stand at once.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  Months late, and still deserved.

PS: I recognize that 47 across is undone.  He knows that “hankering” is an itch.  ‘Tis a trifle – an imperfection left in to demonstrate how good the rest of it is.  Genius!