I did a couple technological things today.  One has shown itself to work, one is still in a test phase.

We were out last night, and after getting the mail, somebody forgot to turn off the dome light in the car.  I’m not naming names – he would probably just scratch his beard and look glaringly at me. We tried going out tonight.  No battery.  The dome light did its work well.  This is not the first – nor the second – time that this has happened to this car. The remediation after last time was to buy a little jump starter.  Specifically, this one from Amazon. Last time this happened, we burned a call to the roadside assistance company, and waited a half-hour.  This time, we had the answer in the glove box.  It worked great – the car started up and we were driving within 5 minutes.  I charge it at the start of each month, off the same type of charger as my phone uses, just to keep it topped up.  Highly recommended.

The other thing that is still in a “wait and see” mode is our home wifi.  Not content to stick with normal consumer stuff, I have a Ubiquiti Unifi access point.  I got the long range version to make sure we have good coverage, and we do. I can walk almost to the mailbox and still have usable signal.  What I messed up on was the placement within the house.  Yes, you can misplace something with long range like that.  The placement wasn’t wrong because of the output, but because of the input.  I was trying to get perfectly centralized placement within the house – in a pantry in the hallway.  We don’t have a wired connection there, so I was using ethernet over electric – something like this. And we were getting wifi disconnects on our phones, much more than we should have.  So I moved the access point to the office and now it has a hard-wired connection to our switch.  We’ll check it over the next week or so, see how it’s doing. Losing wifi can be frustrating.  I know it’s the wifi portion because my wired PC does just fine at the same time as my phone is having an outage.

Next up on the crazy list is setting up a home server, in order to run a house wiki (and provide some extra storage).  It’s a discarded HP  Proliant – a rack mount.  He’s going in the basement.