I have a bit of free time today.  I was keeping up on The Register, one of the best (and snarkiest) IT sites.  I came across this security story on the dangers of unsecured container ship loading protocols.

The comments, as usual, expanded greatly on the story.  I read a lot about the MV Rena failure from 2011/12 (and page 2 gets even worser).  And then somebody pointed to a page on parametric rolling

Parametric rolling 0

which I don’t understand, aside from the high-level “badness comes in waves”, but which provided a stunning visual.

Parametric rolling

Reminding me that some 7/10 splits are worse than others.

(pictures from Learn Ship Design, where it is claimed “Images and videos used in the article donot belong to LSD and full credit goes to their respective owners”, without identifying those owners.)