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Google is shutting down Inbox in favor of Gmail.


There’s an old joke about the early days of aviation.  A pilot took his plane over to Africa and convinced a tribal chief to take a ride.  They saw the village, the lake, the paths through the jungle.  The pilot kept going on about how marvelous the airplane was.  He turned to the chief and said “This airplane – aren’t you amazed at it?”  The chief answered “Not really – isn’t this what it’s supposed to do?”.

And so we come to Lollipop, Android 5.1.

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Another sad story, another place where the editor had tons of knowledge and no common sense.

He/she was only off by 796 feet and 1.385952 inches.

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So all these great Android applications – or “apps”, as all the cool kids say – where do they come from?  Does Santa leave them on your smart phone?  Are there app fairies that will come and bless your Droid with nifty programs?

Umm, no.  But there are alternatives.

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Sorry, this isn’t about robots discussing Aristotle.  It’s about my approach to the Android smart phone I have.

It’s a definition of the way I see the phone, the way I choose software, the way I decide what apps to keep and which to pitch.

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Sometimes in life I wish for a button like the Staples “That was easy!”.  Everything would be so much – easier.

But no – I had to go spend money on something else.

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