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I started an indoor garden on May 2. Lettuce, chives, and basil. Lettuce is doing great

And I just had my second harvest

Lettuce is on the right

I know the “garden” is way too full. I’m OK with that. My garden, my ceramic pocket knife to harvest, my plastic tub from the dollar store.

And my artisanal, hand-sown, individually gathered lettuce leaves for my lunch meat sandwich.

On our sidewalk, and not shy at all.

But I am enjoying my garden. Six kinds of lettuce, basil, and chives. Sure it’s gonna be crowded. That’s part of the fun.

Planted Saturday May 2.

Outside my office window

I didn’t know the upper bird was a cardinal until she flew away.

Monday April 27. Bettie saw one yesterday – this is my first.

Taken with the Google Pixel amazing Night Sight. Blown up and cropped, but not edited.

A big meal can make you sleepy

Just outside our house Friday evening.

Sunday morning. Summer’s almost over.

We did attend the Mercy Me concert a few weeks ago, and yes, we did dance to Happy Dance.

And I’m happy dancing again – the Raspberry Pi music dealie is working. Digital sound out to the sound bar

Running Volumio, since Rune wouldn’t boot.

And my first song? What else?

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