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Today is a good day.


We have been in the house for almost five years now.  We have pretty much figured out places where we made wrong design choices (little ones) and places where the builder or a supplier didn’t quite get it right (again, little things).

Now we are starting to get into beautifying the place.  Pictures are going up inside, and we’re thinking about retiring the tablecloths that have served as our curtains.

Bettie is doing a great job at prettying up the outside of the house, too.  We have morning glories

2013-06-28 07.34.08

(which are beautiful)

2013-06-28 07.34.49

and cardinal climbers

2013-08-24 08.19.47

which the hummingbirds love.  These are both self-propagating plants, meaning their seeds start new growth without us having to do anything.  At times, that can be good.  This, so far, is one of those times.  From the carport, both of these have spread to our driveway.  There is original farm field dirt under the gravel, and these plants are hardy enough to get roots down and shoots up, and then flower in the midst of the rock.

2013-08-10 08.01.30

2013-08-24 08.18.47

And even spread!

2013-08-24 08.13.29

More power to ’em!

And what a beautiful day it was!  Crocuses and daffodils, sunshine and cold weather.

2013-03-20 14.49.05


2013-03-20 14.49.24


God is faithful.

We live out in the country.  And a little farther than that, even.  The county we live in has a population density of 436 people per square mile, and the township we live in drops down to 195.  We’re less populated out here.

We can see lights from our neighbor’s properties, and rarely hear music or noise from those directions.  We’re much more likely to see deer or hawks than visitors on the property (and that’s counting package delivery folks).

We have a creek that runs right next to the road.  In the summer there are minnows and frogs there, and water skeeters galore.  It gurgles nicely.

In the wintertime, it looks different.  I don’t know where the animals go, or if the ones from last year have left eggs and then died off.  The water is still running, though.

That’s looking upstream, towards the road that is near the driveway.

And as much as I enjoy the creek, I’m glad I don’t have to do any work in it now.

I like this little poem, and blogged about it a couple years ago.  Now I found the pictures to go with it. So I present here the illustrated Fog.


2011-09-22 IMG_8064

It wuz foggey.  It wuz foggey

evreywhare.  It wuz, in fact,

foggey over the hoal wurld.

2011-09-22 IMG_8067

The fog icstendid unyuzialey hie.

It startid at the ground an went up.

Planes cood not get tu the top uv it.

It went aull the way up tu the moon.

Moon peepul sed, “It’s foggey.”

2011-09-22 IMG_8070

The fog ixtendid out intu space.

The sun hisst az it swept thrue the fog.

Stars cood not fynd thair orbits

and began wonndering aimlisley, laust.

2011-09-22 IMG_8088

By Rafeal Chambers, from Powums for the Immachure, Colectid by Cheops Dorn.  It is reprinted without permission.

(This is a booklet that I bought in Yellow Springs, Ohio, about twenty years ago, focused on phonetic spelling.)

Pictures from Sep 22, 2011, and unchanged except for cropping and resizing.

Provided by God.  From May 23, 2012.


Sometimes words just get in the way.



From our garden, June 10, 2012

The summer of 2012 was a good one for hummingbirds here at Awed Manor.  I happened to get a picture of one against Bettie’s sunflowers

2012-09-15 IMG_5568


I think he’s watching for dive-bombers, rather than gargling – but one never knows.

This poor guy wasn’t watching where he was going, and thought he could fly straight through our picture window.

2012-09-15 IMG_5578


Occasionally we have a back window open, and the birds try to fly through the glass.  This winter, I have seen several birds bounce off the window and keep going – but hummers get going faster quicker, and energy increases as the square of the speed.  This guy didn’t knock himself out, but he was definitely stunned.

2012-09-15 IMG_5580


He did eventually gather himself together.

2012-09-15 IMG_5597


He flew away about a half-hour after hitting the window.

Bravo, little bird.  Bravo.

We have a big garden – more than twice the square footage of our house.  We like to protect it from marauders, intentional or accidental.  In addition to the plastic down to stop weeds from sprouting, there’s an electric fence up around it, and we use horse tape to make it stand out better than wire would.  Still , deer can get inside.

We caught this one chowing down and looking guilty in the summer of 2011.

Guilty deer


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