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According to Romans 2:11, God is no respecter of persons.

Apparently dandelions are a part of God’s creation, because they don’t care about the temperature or the weather. Still snow on the ground this morning, and patches and pockets on the way home from church. But this dandelion don’t care.

I started an indoor garden on May 2. Lettuce, chives, and basil. Lettuce is doing great

And I just had my second harvest

Lettuce is on the right

I know the “garden” is way too full. I’m OK with that. My garden, my ceramic pocket knife to harvest, my plastic tub from the dollar store.

And my artisanal, hand-sown, individually gathered lettuce leaves for my lunch meat sandwich.

On our sidewalk, and not shy at all.

But I am enjoying my garden. Six kinds of lettuce, basil, and chives. Sure it’s gonna be crowded. That’s part of the fun.

Planted Saturday May 2.

Outside my office window

I didn’t know the upper bird was a cardinal until she flew away.

Monday April 27. Bettie saw one yesterday – this is my first.

Taken with the Google Pixel amazing Night Sight. Blown up and cropped, but not edited.

A big meal can make you sleepy

Just outside our house Friday evening.

Sunday morning. Summer’s almost over.

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