Last Friday, there was a weather system moving through the area.  I took a bunch of pictures of some low, fast clouds with my phone.  Google added a dash of auto-awesome.  I’m pretty happy with the result, though the size is fairly large.  There is a lot of detail in the tree branches.  Probably do better with a funny cat in a plain setting.  If only I had a funny cat or a plain setting.


Bettie and I went to the Clermont County fair on Saturday – it was Demolition Derby day. We got a late start, which was on purpose – we avoided the massive rainstorms that went through on Saturday morning. We got to see all the fun things we normally do, only missing the old tractors (which may not have been there).

We got to walk through the 4H building, seeing the exhibits. This one caught my eye:

2014-07-26 15.58.11


Yup – Bridal Safety, Bridaling Your Horse Safely, and Proper Bridal Fit.

The girl’s name and 4H group were on the poster, and will not be published here.  I don’t blame the girl – she obviously cares for her horses, and words are not her main concern.

I do blame the adult supervisors, though.  This was an easy one, one I imagine that horse people have to deal with a lot.  Unless the adults don’t know any better, which is a possibility.

Nevertheless, Bettie and I will be attending the fair next year.  4H lists Head as the first of their four H-words.  We’ll see.  We’ll see . . .

Communion meditation from July 13, 2014

Charles Dickens started off his novel, A Tale Of Two Cities, with these famous words: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I was considering the Last Supper, and what Jesus was thinking and feeling. It was the best of times – He had been waiting His whole life (well, forever, really) for this time, when He was going to become the Savior of all mankind through His death and resurrection. He kept Himself sinless, carrying out the Father’s work. And yet it was the worst of times. One of His disciples, who He had been mentoring, teaching and leading for three years, was going to betray Him for thirty pieces of silver. As a result of that, Jesus was going to die a shameful death on the cross. Worst of all, He was going to be separated from God the Father as Jesus went to Hell with our burden of sins. Total separation from God, with whom He had spent eternity past with. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Now we come to the time of communion, when we take the bread and the cup and remember that sacrifice. For us, also, it is the best of times. We celebrate the freedom from sin. We joyously remember the risen Savior, who was the firstborn from the dead, whom we will meet in Heaven. And yet it is the worst of times. It was for our sin – my sin, your sin – that Jesus had to die. When we do this in remembrance of Jesus, we have to examine ourselves to be sure that we are partaking in a worthy manner. And we can be.

Because this is the best of times. Jesus has paid the price. We are free in Christ. Like Him, we will rise again. Hallelujah!

Let’s pray.

Father God, I come before Your throne in the name of Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God. You gave the best, even when we deserve the worst. Thank you for that infinite love, that infinite sacrifice. Thank you for making us part of Your family. Amen.

I am an extremist.  I read Linux Journal, and the readers of that magazine have been labeled by the NSA as extremists.  And not only am I a reader, I subscribe to the magazine.  I’m paying to support extremism!

So, since I have been granted the label, I may as well put the tattoo on my blog.


My esteemed technical cohort Dave Farquhar also has some wise words on the subject.

Not at his birthplace, but still before he was all the way out of his shell.


(I snagged this off the original dealer’s site, while it was still for sale there)

No, he doesn’t have a name.  Haven’t gotten into that habit.  Definitely a “he”, but nameless.

Way back in the day, my favorite car was the Honda City.  Not the new-fangled thing they call by the same name, but the original urban car.

Honda City

I remember it being much cooler looking, but it was definitely a small car.  I may have been influenced by my friend Steve’s little Honda

honda600 b

That’s not Steve (he’s taller).  The picture does show the size of the car.  Steve also had a Volkswagen Thing (in orange, like this one)

Volkswagen Thing

that had detachable doors.  But I digress.

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It isn’t that I am not thankful – I am.  It’s just that my car hasn’t gone a million miles – and it won’t.

After twenty years and two hundred and fifty thousand miles, I have parked my car.  It is my intention to never drive it again.  It has done me well, but it’s over.

quarter million

My brother posted a nice entry on talking to an electronic friend by voice.  It’s strange that we think that a phone call is more personal than email, as if it was the “good old days”.  Still, I understand and agree.  It is definitely higher bandwidth than text or email.

At the bottom of his post, Mark has a link to Sugarloaf’s “Don’t call us”.  Fun song, and haven’t heard it in a while.  I listened to the whole thing.

Youtube has links to other videos on every page, and one of the ones that popped up for me was the Dave Clark Five.  Which reminded me of this episode, that I can’t find documented anywhere else.

The local big AM station is WLW.  Many years ago, they were running a contest – well, not so much a contest as a give-away with a terribly easy question at the beginning.  I heard this as I was driving.

DJ: How many people were in the Dave Clark Five?

Caller (who happened to be female): Detroit.

They were flabbergasted, understandably.  They asked her to calm down and listen to the question.  She got it in just two tries.

There are some days when I feel astonishingly, extremely normal.

It’s a race.

My car vs. rust.  My car vs. leaking oil.  My car vs. a cheap muffler.

And yet, it keeps on going.


I figure in about six weeks it will cross the quarter-million mile mark.  In about three weeks it will cross the twenty-years-of-ownership mark.

Yes, it’s down a cylinder, and I need to add a couple quarts of oil a week.  It’s still a fun car to drive.

Acura, you done good.

The downside is that I’m going to have to plan my meals waaaay ahead of time.

Domino’s brought out the EdiBox, an edible pizza box.  That solves the problem of what to do with the cardboard at the end of the meal, and gives some really cool crusts for dipping.


Unfortunately, for now it seems to be available over in England.

I’ll wait.


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