I like science. I like pizza. I really like it when I can combine the two.

Today’s subject is self-rising Supreme pizzas. Freschetta, Meijer, and Digiorno. All prices are the same – $5.49.

I started with the odd man out. Lighter color box – neat wrapper, great toppings.

Baked on a pan, the Freschetta was tasty and a touch spicy. Not too far off pizzeria pizza. I’d buy this one again.

Next up: Meijer. Surprisingly low end, given that it’s the same price. Baked directly on the oven rack, the edges were closer to burning while the center was barely warm.

It came in plastic shrink wrap, and the toppings could have been from a three dollar pizza. Pass.

Finally, Digiorno. In a comfy plastic enclosure like the Freschetta, this one went straight onto the rack. Toppings looked fresh.

Pizza was good, but ingredients weren’t evenly distributed

Am I looking for pizza perfection? No – this is not Giordano’s. But these are being positioned as upscale pies. One must have pizza standards.

So anyway, here’s my judgment. Bottom rung is the house brand. Then Digiorno, and Freschetta coming out on top. Even with the spicier sauce, that’s my top choice.

And that’s how you do science.

Mizithromax, of course.  Good for what ails you, whether it’s hunger or disease.

And yes, I am short on sleep.  Why do you ask?

I do production support for my company. We’ve been having some significant problems with one product, here called Product.

My manager created a communication channel in our chat tool called Product Issues.

Since this is such a problem, and since as on-call this week I’m the recipient of many of those problems, I (in my head) renamed the room to Produc Tissues. Makes me want to cry.

And of course my new icon is


I started an indoor garden on May 2. Lettuce, chives, and basil. Lettuce is doing great

And I just had my second harvest

Lettuce is on the right

I know the “garden” is way too full. I’m OK with that. My garden, my ceramic pocket knife to harvest, my plastic tub from the dollar store.

And my artisanal, hand-sown, individually gathered lettuce leaves for my lunch meat sandwich.

Wayne Spry died Thursday, at the age of 94 years and a few months. He will be buried next week by a little church down in Kentucky that he helped build.

1 Thes 4:13 says Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.

It is a different kind of grief – and yet it is definitely still grief.

From a birthday celebration three months ago

His wife Gwen preceded him by a few years. Her motto was FROG – Fully Relying On God. Interesting that tonight Bettie found a frog in one of our window wells – and as I was catching that one, I found a toad there also. I categorically do not believe that God sent these two critters as some sort of a sign – and I know that Wayne was also in the FROG category.

Wayne was a great man, who didn’t know how great he was. Humble, caring, always dressed up to go to church. For him, that was part of honoring God.

I’m going to miss him.

On our sidewalk, and not shy at all.

But I am enjoying my garden. Six kinds of lettuce, basil, and chives. Sure it’s gonna be crowded. That’s part of the fun.

Planted Saturday May 2.

Bettie and I gave blood today – and we absolutely love our matching accessories.

Steel is steel, until it isn’t.

Because the steel-making process uses atmospheric oxygen, all the steel made since the first atom bomb exploded actually contains minor amounts of radiation. Not enough to hurt you, not enough to make your car glow at night, but still enough to throw off Geiger counters and sensitive medical equipment. If you need low-radiation steel, the best place to find it is the dumping ground of the German Navy after World War I.

Interesting, but so what?

Those sunken ships are the remnant of an earlier time, a historical artifact that can be imitated but not recreated. With the quarantine starting to lift after the Covid-19 shutdown, what will we have as memories – or useful things – from before? How will the “New Normal” work?

Some people are gone – Bettie lost a cousin Saturday morning. Some people are changed, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially. We don’t know how culture is changing. We don’t know how work will start or continue as we go forward. Will churches continue to stream their services? Will that encourage some to be members without ever having stepped foot in the building? What does fellowship mean without being physically present?

So as things change, remember what was before. Don’t recoil from group pictures taken before social distancing. As you rebuild your future, take what was good. Discard the bad. Consider new technology, and embrace humanity. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

None of this surprised God, and He still knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper and not harm us.

Outside my office window

I didn’t know the upper bird was a cardinal until she flew away.