I’m starting a new weekly feature today, focused on computer tools that live somewhere in the intersection of nice, helpful, interesting, and necessary.  I’ll be focusing mainly on free software tools, with the occasional breakout to a different area.

Like this, for instance.  The most important tool you could have is a backup of your data.  Whether you’re using a thumb drive to back up My Documents, an external drive to store your whole hard drive, the cloud to save off important documents, or a fireproof USB safe with some hardware inside, you need some backup.

Bettie and I each have an external hard drive.  If the house is on fire, those drives go with us.  We’ll figure out power cords and USB cables later – these are made to be easy to grab and scoot.

So remember – the best backup is the one you have.  Make a copy of My Documents tonight, and stash it off-site somewhere.  It could be in your car, or in your desk at work.  Even a months-old copy is better than nothing.

Do it.