I may have found my next car.

I still hope that it will be mine not today, not tomorrow, but years down the road.  I do want to be prepared, though, and investigate ahead of time.

On Saturday I had the chance to read the latest issue of Motor Trend magazine, the one where they did the SUV of the Year article.  Turned out to be a Porsche Cayenne.  Nice, but way out of my price league (though I came close when I tried here and here).  But they had a write-up of all the competitors, including the Nissan Juke.

You’re not going to mistake it for anything else.

Part of it looks like a Porsche, part of it looks like some 10th-grade boy’s study hall drawings.

Lighter colors tend to emphasize the out-jutting wheel wells.

I’m thinking of a darker color.  It comes in silver and a darker gray (“gun metal”, I think).

Those are the turn signals up high on the hood, still visible from the front and from the side.  Head lights in the middle, fog lights down low.

And I like this picture.  It makes me think I can pick it up and make it zoom across the floor like a toy.

So the details: All-wheel drive, turbo-charger, continuously-variable transmission, 4 doors, a back-up camera, and serious driving fun.  I haven’t seen the road clearance numbers, but it looks to be good.

Some of the pictures, especially the red ones, remind me of the Porsche 959

which I have preciously mentioned liking.

Pix from kenjonbro, saebaryo, kenjonbro (again), Jano2106, kenjonbro (that guy gets around!), i am dabe, and stephanhanafin.  Official Juke site here.